performance jacket

Men’s Performance Jacket


OUR MISSION: At Night Prowler Apparel, we make more than premium 
fitness apparel. Our athleticwear was designed for the modern 
man who is ready to accept his strength and find light in the 
darkness. The amazing performance jacket is a versatile accessory 
that allows you to push your limits while wearing the Armor of God.

TOP-QUALITY MATERIALS: Our amazing ultra-light workout jacket for 
men is made of a durable and sturdy material that provides top 
protection against rain, sweat, dust, and wind. You can train 
harder and better to exceed your limits. 

ENHANCED COMFORT: Fighting your outer or inner battles is easier 
when you can move freely. Our fitness jacket for men is well aerated 
and has a wicked moisture design that keeps you dry and warm. 
It is lightweight and breathable, allowing a full range of motion 
for enhanced comfort. 

SUPER STYLISH OPTION: Our sports jacket comes in a stylish black 
color with yellow insertions that will boost your confidence and 
help you train even harder. The drawstring hoodie protects your 
neck and shoulders, so you can train even during heavy rain and wind. 

UNIQUE PRESENT: Get this power men’s jacket for yourself or as a 
thoughtful present for the most important man in your life. 
Allow your best friend, son, or father to find the inner and outer 
strength to prepare for a better, more meaningful life.





S, M, L, XL