Men’s Tights and Leggings

Men’s Performance Tight


EMBRACE YOUR INNER POWER: Night Prowler takes men’s fitness apparel
to the next level, having a main goal to empower and inspire men 
worldwide, showing them that they are capable of greatness. 
Our ultimate vision is transposed in unique clothing designs, 
combining boldness with elegance and a modern touch.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: These men’s tights and leggings are ideal for 
professional athletes as well as sports enthusiasts, ensuring a 
tight-fitting design which keeps everything in its place for 
enhanced, unhindered performance.

PREMIUM FABRICS: Unlike similar products on the market, 
these compression leggings are made with superior quality, 
highly durable fabrics, being 100% skin friendly and machine 
washable. The special texture doesn’t retain unpleasant 
odors or sweat.

COMFORT IS KEY: For increased performance, you need optimal mobility. 
Our men’s leggings provide excellent mobility and allows for 
full body movement during intense workout routines, helping improve 
technique and achieve your goals faster!

DON’T COMPROMISE ON STYLE: These compression tights feature a 
stylish, modern design with intense black color and gold details, 
guaranteed to boost your self confidence. Order for yourself or 
as a practical present for a sports enthusiast, and you can be 
sure to win his appreciation!





S, M, L, XL